An Angel Named Gabriel

An Angel Named Gabriel

If you’re looking for a unique read, delve into this gripping dark thriller set against the backdrop of Norway’s sunny southern coast.

While travelling to the southern coast of Norway for a documentary shoot on beavers, acclaimed wildlife filmmaker Gabriel Dahl notices an exit sign for Smalvik. He abruptly exits the motorway and takes a rural route towards the tiny coastal village. Twenty years ago, he was there on holiday as a youngster when he saved a small girl named Anette from being tormented by a gang of wicked children. Gabriel has often wondered how Anette has fared in life as an adult, and now he has the opportunity to find out. But nothing could have prepared him for the savage hostility that awaits him as he gets closer to finding her. Gabriel has come for answers but finds himself with more questions than before.

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The initial review of the book on Goodreads by Ann Vetter: Wow! What an awesome thriller. I couldn’t put it down. It grips you right from the start. This is a story that is well written. Rating: 5 stars.

Review on Not For Vanity by Robin Stevens:
The plot rattles along quickly and the pacing of the novel is excellent. The rate at which Gabriel finds himself in deeper and deeper is well-judged, with some good use of backstory and description where appropriate. There is genuine jeopardy throughout and the story keeps you guessing as to how Gabriel will rescue his long lost childhood love Anette.
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What others said about the original Norwegian version:

Helene Tufte (book blogger): An Angel Named Gabriel is a gripping thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout. It offers profound psychological insights and original solutions that feel authentic rather than simplified. The story’s motivation and goals drive the narrative forward.

Sverre Årnes (author): An Angel Named Gabriel offers a truly unique reading experience. Jean-Louis is not imitating or plagiarizing any other author’s work.

Åslaug Rise Holberg (book blogger): The incorporation of modern technology, such as drones and data, adds a highly entertaining aspect to An Angel Named Gabriel, making it difficult to put down.

Bjørn Bakken (author): Gabriel, the main character of the book, is a believable and likable protagonist. He embodies the qualities of an anti-hero who never backs down from challenging situations, even when they pose significant risks to his well-being.

Simen Ingemundsen (author and book blogger): An Angel Named Gabriel is an engaging book that sent chills down my spine, leaving me with a sense of unease and excitement from start to finish.